Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Great Party everyone. 

McCafe' Staff

You each in your own way make things special and exciting.  We had fun, learned some stuff and enjoyed our smoothie's...it was all delightful. Speaking of Smoothies, these guys worked really hard to make your Smoothie Tuesday happen.  They were adorable!

Kathy Schell started us off with some amazing songs.  I love the old hymns so I was drying my eyes by the time The Old Rugged Cross was finished. 

Thank you Kathy!

I know it is hard to answer questions but Cathy made it look easy, of course, she's not the answer man, she's the answer woman.  Thank you for those answer's Cathy, it clarified some things for me and I appreciate your putting yourself out there, putting yourself on the line and taking the risk.  Still confused...

Dispensation Chart from Bing.

about what a dispensation is? Reading about Dispensations can bog your mind, check this out: Dispensationalism  The chart I have on the Blog is only a sample of how Dispensations could look if charted.  Don't hold me or Cathy accountable for it's legitimacy. it's just a Bing image.

You ladies made Cathy's Celebration amazing in every way. 

I am awed by your love for Cathy and for your generosity in making her feel special.  I enjoyed filling her life with Polka Dots, believe me she won't forget us for a long time. 

My Cards
Thank you also,
for treating me and Kathy Schell, my basket was laden with all types of Scrapbook goodies that I will enjoy using and the polka dots abounded in every size and color.  It wasn't expected, but very much appreciated, the most precious things in the basket were the cards.  Oh my, I felt loved, appreciated and humbled all at the same time.  Some of you saw the gift of God in me, and that was the most precious gift of all as my desire is to please and honor Him in all I do.  Honestly, most ideas come from Him, He provides everything needed for the task and then gives me joy and pleasure while I serve you in His name.  It's all good. I'm the receiver of the blessing and so are you.  Thank you Lord.

Our class is almost over and we only have one more way to honor God and give our boys in blue a hug.  Thank all of you for the things you brought this week and I know next week we'll get more.  Garrett is going to be so shocked and awed.  All because of  you and your giving hearts and spirits.  You are all so awesome!

Don't forget the Luncheon/Auction.  We will have mucho fun and get some good deals.  Don't wait, make it a date.

See you Tuesday, Meribeth

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jesus Follows All the Dots, All the Time!

 SO THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW!  and it's a BIG world.

Wow, Cathy, I loved your study this week. (What's new?) When God Connects the Dots, they are fully connected, thoroughly revealed, leaving no doubt.  Jesus fulfilled every dot, He went above and beyond to the smallest detail, making sure there were no loop holes.  He did all this so the World would know, that He is the one, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Him. John 14:6

We have so many things to be thankful for, so many opportunities to make a difference.  I'm going to review our last few blogs so you will all know what is coming.  But FIRST let's do the Pet's on Parade.  We have a new dogie courtesy of  Trudie Coe.

Shammy the Sweet Poodle!
(Often called Shambles)

Here is Trudie Coe's doggy, Chamois (pronounced Shammy).  Trudie says,.....He was named Chamois, because he is the color of a Chamois.  Mostly now, he is called Shambles -- as that is how he can leave a room -- in shambles!  He is a 10 month old miniature poodle puppy.  He is a very smart fellow and loves everyone and everything.  He puts his toys away and rings a little bell to go outside.  He brings us lots of laughs, fun and love.

This Tuesday is, Q& A, Pink Pig Tuesday, and Fruit Smoothie Tuesday.  It's Party Time in Class!!
If you want a Fruit Smoothie this coming Tuesday but didn't sign up just email me with your choice of flavor and I'll collect the money when I get to class.  Choices: Strawberry Banana or Wild Berry, and only $3.00.  Yummy!


It's never to late to tell someone you love and appreciate them.  This coming Tuesday we are going to surprise one of our favorite people.  Check your inbox Sunday for more information.

Honoring, Lt. Garrett Moore

It is so awesome to be able to do something personal and positive for one of our boys in blue.  April 26th our class hopes to fill a care package for Garrett, so, bring some goodies to be shipped overseas to Iraq.  More info in class on Tuesday, April 19th. Lt Garrett Moore has family in our class, Kathy Moore, is Mom, Marianne Moore, is Grandma, and Polly Reeder is Auntie.

THE LUNCHEON/AUCTION is almost here.   
I'm sooooooooooooo excited.  Joyce, Cathy's go to girl, is coming to class to sell tickets this coming Tuesday, April 19th.  Oh, please, invite your friends, family and neighbors to come for a wonderful time, you can reserve a table on Tuesday and then pay at the door on May 7th, how easy is that! 

Don't forget to head out to the Seder, this Friday, April 15.

WOW, Lot's of stuff to cover and everything has value.  Especially, each of you.

See you Tuesday, Meribeth

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Kathy Schell, you amaze me.
  The study on prayer was excellent and WOW, did we learn a lot.  Following Jesus as He taught the disciples to pray, not WHAT to pray... but HOW to pray The prayer time afterward was sooooo encouraging.  Thank you, Kathy, for your attention to detail and sharing your heart with us. 

We have lots of adventures coming up. 
And the end of the session is fast approaching. 


This is just a reminder to bring your stash next week for our upcoming CELEBRATION. Shhh..you know what I mean. Pinkie pig is hungry for more and next week she'll be anxious to get her tummy patted.  I'll be sending out an email reminder too.


You read that right...real fruit smoothies from MickeyD's.  Delivered right to our room, on ice.  Yummmmmmmmmm!
Only 250 calories and only $3.00.  The sign up sheet and collection jar will go around this coming Tuesday so bring your money.  Two flavors, Strawberry Banana and Wild Berry. Yummmmm!


Lt. Garrett Moore
We have so many wonderful serving families at SBC and one of those in our class is the Moore family. Lt. Garrett Moore, Kathy Moore's son and Marianne Moore's grandson is serving in Iraq.  He is a Navy Seal and on active duty.  We thought as a class we could pull together a token of our appreciation in a care package to send to Garrett.  Next Tuesday we will have a sign up sheet and a list of some good things to put in the package.  Chloe Kavanaugh is our contact person.  We will bring our items on April 19 and April 26.  Aren't we thankful for men like Garret who are willing to put their lives on the line for us.  Garrett, we salute you!

Don't forget to bring your donations to Cathy the next few weeks.  We would love to see you at this fun event and I'm willing to take your checks and get them into the right hands, so feel free to bring them to class.  Make your check payable to Chosen People Ministries.  $10. a person. It is going to be a fun time with lots of opportunities to score a treasure or two.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to get a wee glimpse into the lives of the Old Testament Jews as they celebrated Passover.  Cathy will lead you into discovering the Jewish family tradition and explain the mysteries of the Passover elements.  Bring your friends and family and a dish to share.
See you Tuesday, Meribeth

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Connecting the Dots.....Systematically!

Wow, Cathy outdid herself this last Tuesday, I followed the handout the whole way.  It was powerful and full of glory.  I loved the way that Jesus' coming, the events of his ministry and His Crucifixion follow the Old Testament Feasts.  We are part of something so powerful and we don't even know it.  Eventually, we will know the rest of the story. 

I hope you all get the chance to attend the upcoming Messianic Passover Seder.  I took my husband, grand kids and some friends last year and it was wonderful. Your Easter will never be the same.

The Silent Auction and Fashion Show will be a total blast.  I have to let you know I gave up a week of vacation just to be able to attend.  I heard that it was FANTASTIC!!  Let Cathy know if you have something to donate and mark your calendar...now, do it now....you know how fast things pile up.  Maybe we can save a few tables and sit together.  Mark the date, SATURDAY, MAY 7, 11 AM TO 2 PM.

No one sent me any puppies or kitties this week so I don't have any to share, boo hoo.  Maybe you have a moment now to find a picture to bring on Tuesday or send me a jpg or two.  Our Pet Parade is lacking.

See you all Tuesday. Meribeth

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogger Finally Out of Bed!

Ha!  There were a few moment's this week when I didn't know if I was going to make it or not.  It was a tough one, for me and my husband.  He wants to be a good nurse, but when it comes time, he just turns pale and gets the shakes.  I made it through though and I want to thank Cathy and all of you wonderful ladies for that great card.  Doesn't it look like a piece of art work.  And you know I'm in to art work.  Very encouraging, thank you all very, very much.

Since I wasn't in class I can't comment on Cathy's input but I do want to comment on this magazine page someone brought to me the second week of class. I think it was Jan Nelson, but maybe not.  Whoever it was, thank  you.  Wouldn't it be fun to find a piece of dot clothing and wear it for next week?  Check out your closet, I know you have some dots in there somewhere.  Let's wear dots next week.
As for Pets, my stash is completely gone, this means next week I would really like to see some pet pictures, either in the email or a hard copy.  You want your sweet darling featured don't you?  This week, since he was by my side through this whole ordeal,  I thought I would take the opportunity to feature the sweetest pet on the planet, my dog COCO.  Tadummmmm!
I hope this isn't overkill!

    Here he is as a puppy in a scrapbook page, now you know why I love scrapbooking!  Love you all, Meribeth

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Don't we have a great class?  It goes by so fast... we never seem to get everything done.  It's the old saying, time flies when your having fun. Or is it time flys when your having fun.  Either way we are HAVING FUN!

Wasn't it great to learn that God's plan can NEVER be thwarted.  And HIS plan is very complicated, yet simple, based on God, yet benefits man, explicitly revealed, yet a veiled mystery...you get the picture.  I'm always amazed as Cathy reveals the scripture in a new and fresh way.  I learn so much and yet I'm left feeling uneducated.  I relate to Peter and John in  Acts 4:13 uneducated and untrained....yet when I spend time with Jesus I am filled with His confidence.

Some of the ladies stayed after class to help me finish the Magnet Dots and we got soooo much done.  It was a flurry of hands, scissors, glue, crowns, hummingbirds, pearls, crosses, suckers, magnets, and shiny silver things.  Thank you ladies, you will receive your reward in the heavenlies.  I promise!!  I'm basing that on God's word.

Look at this Parade on Pets. 
They say if you have a pet you will live longer, be happier, healthier, stay married longer and have lower blood pressure.  So if you don't have a pet it's not to late to bring one home. 

 MYNA WRITES: Here is a picture of our 6 month old puppy, Lucy, whom we’ve had for only 3 months. She is a Shorkie (Shiatsu / Yorkie mix).  She has such a sweet personality and loves every person and dog she meets. We live in a 2ND floor condo but she mastered the steps immediately and even makes her way down to the door to bark and let us know when she needs “outside”.  Her favorite toy is a monkey that makes an exact monkey sound Lucy knows how to bite is so it squeals over and over and over . . . sometimes we deliberately hide it to get some quiet. 

Chloe doesn't have a dog at her house but she has a bed mate when she goes to visit her grand children every couple of months.  Her name is Lily she is a Welsh Corgi Penbrooke.  Lily has no tail, can you imagine? She likes to cuddle with Chloe and is kind enough to keep Chloe warm when she visits California.

Look at this darling
Pooky Boo!!
Oh My Gosh!

JOYCE TRIPPE WRITES: Boo is a Maltese, 8 years old, everyone thinks she is a puppy.  Boo has an independent nature, but loves to be close to us at all times. We are so thankful for her and feel she was a gift to us from God. Pooky Boo teaches us faithfulness, unconditional love, and she brings joy to our hearts. We call her Boo, but my Husband nicknamed her Pooky Boo. The most important part is how much Love she brings to our hearts and to one another. Thank You Jesus, for your creation of the animal kingdom. Amen!

Jenny and Rosemary
I love a good cat story and Yvonne has a great one.  Jenny and Rosemary were best friends, they hung out together everyday, cuddled together, meowed together and loved each other.  When Jenny died a few years ago Rosemary was very sad.  Jenny was cremated and her ashes were put into an urn and brought home.  Yvonne placed the urn in her bedroom, she was grieving the loss but so was Rosemary.  Rosemary didn't leave Jenny's side for three weeks, yep, she sat by the ashes, purring, trilling and doing her kitty cat thing.  Even now when she is having a bad day she will go and spend time with Jenny's ashes. 

See you Tuesday, Meribeth

Friday, March 4, 2011

Class Members Get Connected with Cathy!

When I pulled into my driveway after class on Tuesday I was greeted by this lovely little butterfly.  I felt it was a divine appointment since our Connecting the Dot magnet had a butterfly on it.  He put on a delightful show. Thank you God for the lovely hug!

I've got Good News and Bad News. 
That was a powerful story ,Cathy told us on Tuesday, it stuck with me.  The encouragement to spread the Good News of Jesus as we go about our day hit home.  Thursday morning my husband and I went to see our Estate Lawyer.  We had a few things we wanted to update.  As he greeted us he seemed distracted and very nervous.  My husband and I sat down in front of his desk and he began to tell us how he had discovered he had a heart problem. The problem had been resolved with a visit to the hospital but now they had him on some medication and one of the side effects was sudden death.
He was obviously quite nervous, even scared, so I asked him, (remembering Cathy's encouragement to share our Saviour when the opportunity presented itself), do you know where you are going if you something happens to you?

He said, "Oh yes", "I'm going to Good Sam"!  I said, no, I mean if you had sudden death and you died, do you know where you are going?  His eyes got big and round and he said, "Oh"!!  "I think I will go to heaven, I'm a good person...Now let's get to your paperwork"!! 

I didn't get very far, but I do know I planted a seed.  I plan to follow up with a book about heaven and a track on how to get there.  Even though it was risky, I did feel like I did the right thing.  So, if you get the chance, don't fear, share, let God do the rest.  Thank you Cathy for that encouragement.


I asked Cathy to send me some pictures of her and her man, Bobby.  So here they are.  They don't need much explanation, you can see the love in their eyes.  They are so adorable, thank you Cathy. 

As promised these dogs are Adorable!
There is a reason Dog is God spelled backwards.
Dogs are a mirror reflection of God's love for us.


Sue Iverson's Annie
Her hobbies include:  Eating, sleeping, playing, ... and stealing socks!

Rachael's loved pups:
Archie and Bailee.


Patti Merritt shared her
two Schnauzers,
Rosie and Fritz.

If only I could be the person my dog thinks I am!

Have a great weekend.  Thank you ladies who volunteered to stay after class next week and help me with some Magnet Dots.  If you didn't volunteer but want to help just plan to stay after class on March 8th.  No knowledge needed.  Just willingness to help!  Thank you, Meribeth